About Honu Experience

As a child, Stan Montalbo II dreamed of owning his own business. While in high school at James Logan in Union City, California he participated in a program called "CCTV" ? Closed Circuit Television. It provided him and his peers an opportunity to operate the School's television station producing shows, videotaping and providing sound mixing for the campus theater. That is where his passion for this industry was born. From there he participated in short movie productions with friends from San Francisco State University. His experience in a local cell phone and pager company, helping to grow it from one to eight stores grounded him in the challenges of running a business. In 1991, through a family connection, he was introduced to telephone and voicemail systems. In that role, he installed and maintained voicemail and telephone systems for small to medium-sized businesses, most of whom are still his customers today. He took over the company when the original owner retired, adding Home Theater to the list of services. He brings 20+ years of professional experience to the birth of Honu Experience. Many people have inquired about the name of the business. When playing baseball as a youth, one of his friends labeled him "The Turtle" for a lack of speed around the bases.

Growing up with turtles as pets, the nickname stuck. Many years later, the nickname became "Da Honu" because of his Hawaiian heritage. That is "pigeon talk" (Hawaiian dialect) for "The Sea Turtle". When it was time to open a business, there was only one choice that made sense given his approach and nickname, "Honu Experience". He wanted to bring a whole new experience to people using the services of contractors and exemplify the efficiency of sea turtles as they are in water. Just as the water is the home environment of sea turtles, this industry is his professional home. Hopefully you will allow Honu Experience to create a new reputation in contracted services.